Advanced Manufacturing Canada Conference @ CMTS  •  September 26 - 27, 2017  •  Mississauga (Toronto), ON
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    Investing in Automation: Justification, Return-on-Investment, Capacity Utilization

    Investments in automation can improve productivity, quality and profitability. But determining which projects should be considered and what automation invests deserve funding can be complicated.

    This session will review methods to quantify three critical automation questions.
    1. Which part or process should be automated first? Consider the impact of technology along with technical, financial, schedule and skills risks.
    2. What will be the financial return of automation project? Consider the impact of cash flow, cost of capital and net profit return.
    3. Will my automation investment provide competitive advantage? Consider the total value of the investment and how competitors may use alternative operation methods to improve the competitiveness of their plant.

    Registered participants will receive the spreadsheet that will be demonstrated in this session.


    Dale Arndt
    Director of Engineering
    FANUC Canada, Ltd.


    Automation Economics Track
    Wednesday, November 2
    2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

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