Advanced Manufacturing Canada Conference @ CMTS  •  September 26 - 27, 2017  •  Mississauga (Toronto), ON
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  • Vesna Cota

    vesnaamcadvisorVesna Cota
    Additive Manufacturing Design and Development Specialist at Tyco Electronics

    Tyco Electronics



    Vesna Cota is an additive manufacturing design and development specialist for Tyco Electronics Canada. Cota launched her personal endeavor of teaching additive manufacturing technologies as a feature speaker at NRC-IRAP in the industrial design and technology forum in 1998, and continued sharing through speaking, writing, presentations and workshops. She has taught additive manufacturing courses for the Magna Inc. Management Training Program and the Industrial Research Development Institute Product Development Program, among others. Cota is passionate about propagating the awareness of additive manufacturing technologies and their proper applications. As an executive officer of Toronto Chapter 26, she organized a year-long additive manufacturing program in 1998-99, for which SME honored her with its President’s Award. In 2005, Cota became an SME master-level Additive Manufacturing Certificate holder. She received her degree in architecture from the University of Zagreb. She has been an RTAM member since 1995.


    “Digital revolution and Advanced manufacturing will inevitably and radically transform the industrial sector. Canadian manufacturing is facing a challenging task of embracing new business models and quickly adapting and implementing advanced and emerging technologies.

    Disruptive innovation, collaboration, government support and skilled workforce are key success elements. In order to overcome inertia and risk aversion we need more involvement, guidance and dialog among all parties involved.

    AMC is going beyond being an information place. AMC is providing a platform (floor) for the education AND the provoking dialogs to assist in creating solutions for our industry.

    An event not to miss!”