Advanced Manufacturing Canada Conference @ CMTS  •  September 26 - 27, 2017  •  Mississauga (Toronto), ON
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  • Serge Bouchard

    sergebouchardamcadvisorSerge Bouchard
    CEO & President of Intermed Inc.






    Serge graduated from University of Moncton 1987, in Marketing-Communication, also graduated in Computer Analyses. In 1991, he had pursued is studying in  New York in “Surgical Procedure Technician » for Auto-Suture with the United State Surgical Corporation. As an emeritus brand builder, he has introduced numerous high-technology products and innovative into the marketplace.

    As CEO of IntermedMM. Serge is the initiator of a vast and in-depth network of key players, manufacturers, association specialists and government experts in his field of expertise which he leverages for the benefit of the advanced manufacturing industry in Canada.

    As one of the principal consultants for SME Canada, Serge rallied together Canadian manufacturers at the AMC 2015 forum to discuss business models and diverse issues such as innovation, productivity, technology and workforce training.

    Serge had the privilege to speak on his expertise numerous times and on diverse platforms throughout his career. Notably, he was invited to a play major role as President of Honour at the three-day conference event on automation and robotics, hosted by the “Journal Les Affaires” .

    Between 2011 and 2015, as General Manager for the REAI, Serge managed to unify overs 100 owners into one group, one brand, with one strategic message and vision for the industry, despite diversity and competitiveness among OEMs in automation.

    Intermed is a firm of experts with communication-marketing-sale offerings, almost exclusively to high-end clients in Advanced Manufacturing , Robotics-Automation, and Industry 4.0.


    “AMC is Canada’s forum to foster a national dialogue between stakeholders in innovative manufacturing. If we really want to change the future of our manufacturing capabilities in Canada, it is fundamental to bring together the C-level manufacturers and experts in advanced manufacturing and share challenges and solutions together. We have to start to see our local competitors, not as a threat but rather as a partner to share technologies urgently needed by all of us in this new global market reality.”