Advanced Manufacturing Canada Conference @ CMTS  •  September 26 - 27, 2017  •  Mississauga (Toronto), ON
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    “Everyone interested in the future of the Canadian manufacturing sector will benefit this year from the vast array of experts and practitioners that will be converging at AMC 2016 in Toronto.”

    Patrick Huot, Business Analyst – Emerging Technologies Directorate at Ministry of Innovation, Science & Economic Development

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    “Investment in tools, technology, processes, and training is essential to innovate and maintain competitiveness. It enables productivity in a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape. Advanced Manufacturing Canada offers an opportunity to learn about new trends & technologies in Advanced Manufacturing; to explore B2B opportunities; to seek research collaboration with academia; and to exchange best practices with peers across many industry sectors.”

    ontarioamcadvisorHamid Shirazi, Senior Business Development Specialist, Global Lead – Industrial Automation & Robotics, Government of Ontario

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    “AMC is an opportunity for manufacturing leaders, business owners, engineers, technologists, government and academia to learn about new technologies and how to adopt them in their businesses to improve their manufacturing and remain competitive in today’s global economy. The event also provides an efficient way for participants to network with a large variety of technology experts and experience interactive exhibits and demonstrations. Advanced Manufacturing Canada also serves as a way to promote manufacturing at the government level in an effort to develop programs that could facilitate the adoption of advanced manufacturing by Canadian businesses.”


    yarekamcadvisorYarek Niedbala, Regional Sales Manager at  KUKA Robotics






    “AMC is Canada’s forum to foster a national dialogue between stakeholders in innovative manufacturing. If we really want to change the future of our manufacturing capabilities in Canada, it is fundamental to bring together the C-level manufacturers and experts in advanced manufacturing and share challenges and solutions together. We have to start to see our local competitors, not as a threat but rather as a partner to share technologies urgently needed by all of us in this new global market reality.”

    sergebouchardamcadvisorSerge Bouchard, CEO & President of Intermed Inc.





     “Establishing a vision of excellence in the Canadian manufacturing sector is crucial in maintaining leadership through innovation in the advanced manufacturing field. Events such as Advanced Manufacturing Canada, offer a unique platform for the manufacturing community to disseminate and exchange ideas, establish valuable networks and partnerships, and promote their vision to a broader, yet knowledgeable community.”

    mihealaamcadvisorsDr. Mihaela Vlasea, Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo

    amc advisors university of waterloo



    “Canada needs to embrace advanced manufacturing to allow industry to work smarter and develop new ways to be competitive in the global market. Additive manufacturing has/can be used to allow prototyping of products faster to reduce time to market and improve overall quality and loopbacks but companies also need to look at how additive manufacturing can also be used to develop production parts especially for industries with low to mid volume production levels. By utilizing these tools companies can produce parts faster and more cost effectively than using traditional molding methods.”

    barfootamcadvisorMark Barfoot, Directing Manager at Hyphen Services





    “Digital revolution and Advanced manufacturing will inevitably and radically transform the industrial sector. Canadian manufacturing is facing a challenging task of embracing new business models and quickly adapting and implementing advanced and emerging technologies.

    Disruptive innovation, collaboration, government support and skilled workforce are key success elements. In order to overcome inertia and risk aversion we need more involvement, guidance and dialog among all parties involved.

    AMC is going beyond being an information place. AMC is providing a platform (floor) for the education AND the provoking dialogs to assist in creating solutions for our industry.

    An event not to miss!”

    vesnaamcadvisorVesna Cota, Additive Manufacturing Design and Development Specialist at Tyco Electronics

    Tyco Electronics




    “Canadian Manufacturing Industry is , in my opinion , going through a critical cross roads at this stage for better future. It is imperative to coordinate and consolidate all positive, collaborative and progressive efforts in elevating the Knowledge base and Technologies for Canada to be in a competitive position Globally in the Industry 4.0 future , that the whole world is working on in its Vision 2020 Initiative. AMC can be an essential step in this mission for joint Canadian efforts”

    tommuradamcadvisorDr. Tom Murad, IEEE Toronto Chair

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    “Due to increasing global pressure, for Canadian Manufacturing to remain competitive adapting to Advanced Manufacturing is imperative. This adaptation will include introducing new technology, as well as workforce development to support this innovation.”

    festoamcadvisorGreg James, National Didactic Manager at Festo Canada